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"Big Shot" Has Been Published in
Voices de la Luna

Literary Magazine

I have great news, folks! My original short story, Big Shot, has been published in the November, 2020 issue of Voices de la Luna, the literary magazine of South Texas. Big Shot is a story I wrote after spending time watching the local blackbirds nest on the wetlands near my home in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky. It's sort of a man vs. nature story that speaks to the importance of the natural world in our lives. 

I would like to thank all those readers who wrote in complimenting the story. I appreciate all your kind words. Apparently Big Shot has resonated with many more people than I expected. I wish to thank Voices de la Luna for picking up the story.

Short Stories I Am Working On Right Now

My new writing projects include another nature story, "Follies of Survival," a story I wrote about a turtle, who finds that crossing the road in search of suitable breeding grounds is not as easy as it may have been a hundred million years ago. Also, I am putting the finishing touches on a metaphysical baseball story, and a short story about a boy, a backwoods preacher and a rattlesnake. My latest story, which is out to several publishers for consideration right now, takes place in its entirety in an apple orchard. It is a story of relationships, love and redemption.

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